Sublime Text 2/3 MarkDown preview

Preview your markdown files quickly in you web browser from sublime text 2/3.

You can use builtin python-markdown2 parser (default) or use the github markdown API for the conversion (edit your settings to select it).

NOTE: If you choose the GitHub API for conversion (set parser: github in your settings), your code will be sent through https to github for live conversion. You'll have Github flavored markdown, syntax highlighting and EMOJI support for free :heart: :octocat: :gift:. If you make more than 60 calls a day, be sure to set your GitHub API key in the settings :)

LINUX users: If you want to use GitHub API for conversion, you'll need to have a custom Python install that includes python-ssl as its not built in the Sublime Text 2 Linux package. see @dusteye comment. If you use a custom window manager, also be sure to set a BROWSER environnement variable. see @PPvG comments

Features :

  • Markdown conversion via builtin Markdown Parser (python-markdown2) or via Github API : just choose in your settings.
  • Browser preview auto reload on save if you have the ST2 LiveReload plugin installed.
  • Builtin parser : Support TOC, footnotes markdown extensions
  • CSS overriding if you need
  • YAML support thanks to @tommi
  • Clipboard selection and copy to clipboard thanks to @hexatrope
  • MathJax support : \(\frac{\pi}{2}\)

Installation :

  • you should use sublime package manager
  • use cmd+shift+P then Package Control: Install Package
  • look for Markdown Preview and install it.
  • OR, Clone or unpack to "Markdown Preview" folder inside "Packages" of your Sublime installation.

Usage :

  • optionnaly select some of your markdown for conversion
  • use cmd+shift+P then Markdown Preview to launch a preview
  • or bind some key in your user key binding, using a line like this one: { "keys": ["alt+m"], "command": "markdown_preview", "args": {"target": "browser"} },
  • once converted a first time, the output HTML will be updated on each file save (with LiveReload plugin)

Uses :

Licence :

The code is available at github under MIT licence :

2013-07-06 23:0949
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